by Austin Morrell

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released May 18, 2017




Austin Morrell Albuquerque, New Mexico

Austin Morrell
His Band of Merry Pranksters

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Track Name: Digitoil
I would do well not to measure
The ways in which I wither
Petals parted from their tender

Warmth wanes from stem to fringes
Choke-bruise ring marks mapwise
Trace the deprivation of dependence

Would that I should wander
Crafting rain I pray to wet deaf ears
From the theoretical shapes of tears

Self-effacing semi-solids
Salty cimmerian spice
Flowing on redux

Would I not rather envisage
Arterial speculations
Blood of my dreams immutable

That time stood no chance to begin with
When it bluffed us into a terror
By the breadth of our own idea

Old void mirage would wedge hisself 'twixt us
Tangling threads of temperance true
To the end of thinking so much through

What dreams do come from your splendor
Grace that mutes the bawling chatter
And turns clear eyes from the void